• Orange Plastic Fence

    Orange plastic fence, manufactured from high-density polyethylene plastic, is ideal for construction, demolition and open excavations sites as a warning sign.

  • There are two pieces of crowd control barriers in different styles.
    Crowd Control Barriers

    Crowd control barriers which are made of hot-dipped galvanized carbon steel do well in crowd management.

  • Temporary Fencing Accessories

    Temporary fencing accessories, consisting of barrier jackets, bases, bracing, clamps and other parts, can help barricades work well.

Crowd Control Barrier - Suitable for Crowd Management

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Excellent Crowd Control Barriers in Different Dimensions & Styles
Crowd control barrier are made of high-quality carbon steel which are fully hot-dipped galvanized after welding to ensure long-term weather resistance. They are commonly used at many public events to accommodate for a large crowd and keep the public away from a designated area.
There is a piece of crowd control barrier.
Australian temporary fencing refers to a type of temporary fence with round tube frame, which is very popular in Australia. They are made of carbon steel wires which are hand welded for optimum strength to withstand higher loads.
There is a piece of Australian temporary fence.
Canada temporary fence which is a type of portable fencing with square pipe, is fully meet Canada markets' requirements. Canada temporary fence working as a crowd control barrier, can be used in the ´ü«large-scale activities to provide the security guarantees for pedestrians.
There are two panels of Canada temporary fences with green coated.
Orange plastic fence is manufactured from high-density polyethylene plastic and has a high visibility. It is generally used as a crowd control barrier in construction site, work site and other places where the effective, economical temporary safety fence is required.
There is a roll of orange plastic fence.
Police barrier is made of iron tube, carbon steel tube, stainless steel tube or aluminum tube which is hot dipped galvanized for a longer service life. As a safety measure for people to avoid harming, police barriers are used for many different fields.
There is a piece of police barrier.
Stage barrier is a lightweight crowd control system made of steel or aluminum. Placed between performing artists and their audiences, stage barrier offers security for both of them and allows lights, smoke, and sound to pass through to provide an enjoyable show.
There is a piece of stage barrier.
Temporary pool fencing is designed to prevent children and pets from accidental drowning for it possesses secure section latches which can avoid children unlatching the pool fence. Temporary pool fence is also lightweight and easy to remove.
There is a piece of temporary pool fence with two orange plastic feet.
Chain link portable fence is a type of woven fence which is usually made of high-class steel wire. The wire netting wrapped on the outer tubular frame, is fully galvanized or coated with PVC for a long service life. Chain link portable fence can provide an effective solution for public safety.
There is a piece of chain link portable fence.
Welded portable fence made of welded wire mesh and hot-dip galvanized tubular frame, is also known as welded temporary fencing. It is a commonly used form of portable security fence which offers great longevity and versatility.
There is a piece of welded portable fence.
Temporary Fencing Accessories help to complete the whole barrier system and make them work well.
There are four kinds of feet for crowd control barriers.
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A roll of rectangular warning barrier fence in orange.

Orange plastic fence made of polyethylene or polypropylene is widely used as temporary construction fence, safety fence and warning barrier fence.

There are two panels of Canada temporary fences with green coated.

Canada temporary fence with structural steel square tube and heavy gauge welded wire mesh is an ideal choice for temporary security protection.

There is a panel of Australian temporary fencing with rubber feet.

Australian temporary fencing with round tube frame is made of high-quality low carbon steel and welded wire mesh panel.

Crowd control barrier with a wheel foot and a bridge foot.

Crowd control barrier made of carbon steel which is fully hot-dipped galvanized, totally meets the requirements of accommodating for a large crowd.

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Lightweight and portable

Those crowd control barriers are lightweight, and portable, so we can handle and remove them easily. I am glad that they play an important role in crowd management.



Perform well in crowd controlling

Australian temporary fencing we have bought worked extremely well in the large-scale party our company held. We will buy from you next time.