Canada Temporary Fence - Square Pipe Portable Fence

Canada temporary fence (also called Canada portable fence or temporary fencing for Canada), which is a type of portable fencing with square pipe, is fully meet Canada markets' requirements. The outer frame of Canada temporary fence utilizes structural steel square tube and the interior panel uses heavy gauge welded wire mesh. Used as a crowd control barrier, Canada temporary fence does well in protecting both personal safety and property security.

Yellow Canada temporary fence is being set in front of green ones.
CTF-01: Powder coated enables Canada temporary fence to have a longer service life.
A flat base is installed on the Canada temporary fence.
CTF-02: The flat feet make the Canada temporary fence stand stably.
Red Canada temporary fences are applied on the football pitch.
CTF-03: Canada temporary fences applied on the football pitch can divide a zone for specific use.


  • Materials: low carbon steel wire.
  • Surface: hot dipped galvanized, or powder coated.
  • Panel size: 4' (H) × 10' (L), 6' (H) × 9' (L), 6' (H) × 10' (L), 8' (H) × 10' (L).
  • Mesh opening: 100 mm × 300 mm, 75 mm × 150 mm, 60 mm × 120 mm, 50 mm × 100 mm.
  • Wire diameter: 3 mm - 5 mm.
  • Outer frame (square pipe): 30 mm × 30 mm, 25 mm × 25 mm, 20 mm × 20 mm.
  • Middle beam: 20 mm × 20 mm, 25 mm × 25 mm.
  • Feet size: 500 × 70 × 6 mm, 600 × 100 × 4 mm, 800 × 90 × 7 mm.
  • Colors: green, red, blue and yellow.
  • The fence can be customized according to your required if you are not satisfied with specifications above.
A piece of yellow Canada temporary fencing with horizontal middle frame.
CTF-04: Horizontal middle frame makes the Canada temporary fencing more stable.
Red Canada temporary fence sets on white feet.
CTF-05: A high-quality feet can give firm support to the whole Canada temporary fence system.


  • 100 % Canadian standards compliant.
  • High-quality product with competitive price.
  • Dust-resisting and corrosion-resisting.
  • Durable and well-structured.
  • Bright colored with aesthetic effects.
  • Removable with detachable feet.
  • Easy to install and dismantle.


  • Canada temporary fence can provide the security guarantees for users, so it is widely applied in several fields.
  • Canada temporary fence can be installed in the construction sites for the protection of the workers and machines.
  • Canada temporary fence working as a crowd control barrier, can be used in the public events, sports, festival and other large-scale activities.
There are blue Canada temporary fence panels applied in the parking lot.
CTF-06: Canada temporary fence can be applied to protect cars from being stolen.
Canada temporary fences are installed in the storage yard.
CTF-07: Temporary fencing for Canada can safeguard both personal and property security.


  • Inner: waterproof paper and plastic film.
  • Outer: carton boxes.
  • According to customers' requirements.
Canada portable fence panels are piled up neatly and packed on two pallets.
CTF-08: We offer several ways to pack Canada portable fence panels to meet your requirements.
Canada temporary fence panels are packed with green PP packing belt and placed on the wooden tray.
CTF-09: Packed with PP packing belt and tray made Canada portable fence easier to be transport.

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