Crowd Control Barriers Do Well in Crowd Management

Crowd control barriers (also referred to as crowd control barricades, temporary fencing, portable fences, pedestrian barrier), are made of high-quality carbon steel which are fully hot-dipped galvanized after welding to ensure long-term weather resistance. Providing a quick and efficient solution for all situations where you need to divert or keep the public away from a designated area, portable fences are commonly used at many public events that need to accommodate for a large crowd. Being lightweight, crowd control barricades are easy to handle and remove.

It is a black and yellow crowd control barrier.
CCB-01: Crowd control barrier with black and yellow coated is often used and it can work efficiently.
There is a walkthrough crowd control barrier in red.
CCB-02: Walkthrough crowd control barrier provides the entrance and exit for pedestrians.
Crowd control barrier with a wheel foot and a bridge foot.
CCB-03: Crowd control barrier with both wheel foot and bridge foot can be used in some special fields.
Two pieces of crowd control barriers are connected by a hook.
CCB-04: The interlock system of crowd control barrier prevents each barrier from being removed.
Crowd control barricades in eight different colors, including blue, white, brown, dark blue, yellow, green, red and black.
CCB-05: We can offer customers crowd control barricades in many different colors at request.
Five crowd control barriers have two horizontal tubes and two vertical tubes as inner frame.
CCB-06: Crowd control barrier with two horizontal tubes and two vertical tubes has a firm structure.
There are several crowd control barrier with fixed feet.
CCB-07: Crowd control barrier with fixed feet is one of the most common styles.
There is a crowd control barrier in pink.
CCB-08: Crowd control barrier with flat feet has strong stability and pink one is suitable for carnivals.


  • Materials: premium low carbon steel wire, Al-Mg alloy wire, iron.
  • Frame: round tube (easy to handle).
  • Surface treatment: electro-galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, PVC coated, powder coated.
  • Panel size: 2100 mm (L) × 1100 mm (H), 2200 (L) × 1100 mm (H), 2500 mm (L) × 1100 mm (H), 2300 (L) × 1300 mm (H).
  • Frame O.D.: 20 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm, 38 mm, 40 mm, 42 mm.
  • Infill O.D.: 14 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm.
  • Colors: silver, orange, blue, red, green, black, or at your request.


  • Ideal for directing pedestrian traffic and avoiding trip hazards.
  • Keep the crowd in a designated area and create allocated walkways.
  • Quality, stable, and innovative.
  • Manual welding ensuring high strength.
  • Hot dipped galvanized coating for longevity.
  • Lightweight frames making it easy to handle and remove.
  • Easy interlocking system for fast installation.
There are three pieces of pedestrian barrier with flat feet jointing together.
CCB-09: Pedestrian barrier with flat feet is firm enough to be installed on the uneven ground.
It is a crowd control barricade with fixed legs which has a larger separation between each other.
CCB-10: Fixed legs which have a larger separation between each other can give greater support.
A temporary fencing with the object marking.
CCB-11: A temporary fencing with the object marking is designed as a sign of reminding and warning.
There is a red portable fence with six white stripes.
CCB-12: Noticeable red coated combined with white stripes makes the portable fence utility and efficient.

Crowd control barriers are used at many noteworthy events both nationwide and across the globe, including concerts, presidential inaugurations, the Olympics and other major sports championships, parades and festivals.

Being perfect for cordoning off restricted areas, it is also extensively used at construction sites and road works.

A series of pedestrian barriers are set on the street.
CCB-13: Pedestrian barriers set on the street can control the passenger flow commendably.
Beside the red carpet, there are white crowd control barriers.
CCB-14: Crowd control barrier applied in the large-scale events dose well in security protection.
Two pieces of crowd control barricades with wheel feet.
CCB-15: Crowd control barricades with wheel feet are generally used for traffic control.
A series of silver crowd control barrier are holding together and make an enclosed area.
CCB-16: Jointing each other, crowd control barriers can make a boundary delineation for specific use.
Pedestrian barriers are piled up orderly.
CCB-17: Pedestrian barriers, being piled up orderly, are easy to be packed.
Crowd control barricades are bound with packing belts.
CCB-18: Packing belts will help the crowd control barricades to be packed tightly.
Portable fences are packed with packing belts and placed in trays.
CCB-19: Packing belts and trays make it easier to be transport the portable fences.
Crowd control barriers are loaded in the truck.
CCB-20: Crowd control barriers can be delivered by trucks or other ways in time.


  • There is a layer of bubble wrap at the bottom of pallet, which can protect the last barrier.
  • There is a small piece of carton paper between each two barriers to prevent rubbing against each other.
  • There is also carton paper under the packing belt.
  • Finally all barriers will be packed by several layers of plastic film.

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