List of Crowd Control Barriers in Varied Styles

Crowd control barrier with a wheel foot and a bridge foot.

Crowd control barrier made of carbon steel which is fully hot-dipped galvanized, totally meets the requirements of accommodating for a large crowd.

There is a panel of Australian temporary fencing with rubber feet.

Australian temporary fencing with round tube frame is made of high-quality low carbon steel and welded wire mesh panel.

There are two panels of Canada temporary fences with green coated.

Canada temporary fence with structural steel square tube and heavy gauge welded wire mesh is an ideal choice for temporary security protection.

A roll of rectangular warning barrier fence in orange.

Orange plastic fence made of polyethylene or polypropylene is widely used as temporary construction fence, safety fence and warning barrier fence.

It is a hot-dipped galvanized police barrier with vertical tubes.

Police barrier which is made of hot-dipped galvanized iron tube, carbon steel tube or stainless steel tube performs well as a barricade on the events.

A piece of stage barrier with footboard.

Stage barrier made of steel or aluminum is a prefect choice to install on a show to keep order and supply security.

There is a piece of temporary pool fence with two orange plastic feet.

Temporary pool fence with tubular galvanized steel or aluminum supplies security for the children and pets by preventing accidental drowning.

There is a piece of chain link portable fence.

Chain link portable fence whose wire netting is wrapped on the outer tubular frame, is fully galvanized or coated with PVC for a long service life.

A piece of welded portable fence with round top on the white background.

Welded portable fence made of welded wire mesh and hot-dip galvanized tubular frame, is widely applied on construction site to ensure safety.

There are four styles of feet which can installed on the crowd control barriers.

Temporary fencing accessories, including feet, bracing, clamps and other parts, can help barricades work well.