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Crowd control barrier

Our heavy-duty crowd control barriers possess many accessories, including bases, interlock system, barrier jacket, gate for walk-through crow control barrier, reflective tapes, caution sign.

Bases (feet)

Crowd control barricades with bolt-on bases can be easily changed and repaired. There are mainly five styles of replacement bases.

Traditional bridge bases, one of the most popular styles, offer maximum stability on rugged surfaces and in large crowds. They allow the units to create right angles without lifting one leg end off the ground.

Each set of two bridge feet can be the same size, also the different size is available. Bridge feet with a large and a small one are ideal for the corner barrier, they can cross each other to be used in the corners.

There is a piece of crowd control barrier with bridge bases and picture on the left is the close-up of the bridge base
TFA-01: Crowd control barrier with bridge bases.

Flat bases have a lower profile than the bridge base. They reduce tripping hazards and are often used on a flat surface. Two holes in each foot provide space for rubber floor protector pads or allow the unit to be permanently affixed to the ground. It is an ideal design for efficiently controlling crowd and pedestrians.

There is a piece of crowd control barrier with flat bases and picture on the left is the close-up of the flat base.
TFA-02: Crowd control barrier with flat bases.

U-bases offer the advantage of a bridge base plus the advantage of rubber inserts. The U-type design makes the crowd control barrier stable enough to provide protection in the events.

There is a piece of crowd control barrier with U-bases and picture on the left is the close-up of the U-base.
TFA-03: Crowd control barrier with U-bases.

Wheel bases are attached to the male end of the various frame. Uses are at areas where constant lifting and moving occurs, such as in parking lots. Crowd control barriers with wheel bases are easy to slide and are more flexible to divert the crowd and pedestrians.

There is a piece of crowd control barrier with wheel bases and picture on the left is the close-up of the wheel base.
TFA-04: Crowd control barrier with wheel bases.

Fixed bases. A fixed leg crowd control barrier is ideal for outlining restricted areas and assisting to direct crowds of people. The fixed feet design offers a high degree of stability and is often the favored solution over loose legs.

There is a piece of crowd control barrier with fixed bases and picture on the left is the close-up of the fixed base.
TFA-05: Crowd control barrier with fixed bases.

Interlock system/hook

Our barriers are available in many different hooking styles. Interlocking panels are apparently essential, because they make the fence flexible and portable for an extensive range of applications.

A 30° bend in the male hook creates a positive interlock which prevents it from being broken from the middle. Each male hook with a 5/8" diameter steel rod, is welded to the frame on both ends.

A chain of crowd control barrier with one hook are jointing one by one.
TFA-06: The hook is designed to prevent crowd control barrier from being broken from the middle.
Two pieces of crowd control barrier are linked by two hooks.
TFA-07: There can be one or two hook on each piece of crowd control barrier.

Barrier jacket

While the barrier is serving its purpose as a crowd management tool, a jacket enables you to use that space to promote the brand of your company, your team, or your site. We can fabricate any logo or image into an attractive, barrier jacket and make the crowd control barrier as a stunning advertisement resource with custom printed steel barricade covers.

There is a crowd control barrier with blue barrier jacket on the white background.
TFA-08: Crowd control barrier covered with barrier jacket enables you to use that space to do propaganda.
Crowd control barrier with white-red barrier jacket is placed in the storage.
TFA-09: When being placed in the storage, crowd control barrier covered with barrier jacket can keep neat.


Walk-through crowd control barrier with gate gives a definitive entry or exit point in a barrier line. Walk-through barrier with gate is extremely robust and is designed for temporary use (i.e. check-in gate), so it can be used multiple times in various locations.

A walk-through barrier with a gate and all of them are red-coated.
TFA-10: A walk-through barrier with a gate makes it easier for pedestrians to get in and out.
A red powder coated walk-though barrier with a yellow-coated gate.
TFA-11: The color of the gate can be different from the color of the walk-through barrier.

Reflective tape:

Striped reflective tape provides excellent visibility from all angles for increasing safety, especially when it is dark. Being weather-resistant, this reflective tape is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

There are two rolls of reflective tapes, including one in red-white and the other in black-yellow.
TFA-12: Reflective tapes can provide excellent visibility and increase safety in the dark.
Four pieces of red-white reflective tapes and another piece in red-yellow.
TFA-13: Reflective tapes have many different dimensions for your choice.
Yellow reflective tapes stuck on the black-coated crowd control barrier are shining.
TFA-14: Reflective tapes can work better at the place having poor light.

Caution sign (warning sign):

It plays a warning role and can give effective information to the crowd. When there is an event, warning signs can guide people efficiently. Simultaneously, the warning signs can let people know what they must notice and obey.

Yellow crowd control barriers with warning signs - EMERGENCY ACCESS.
TFA-15: Crowd control barriers with warning sign can guide pedestrians efficiently.
Police are standing behind crowd control barriers with caution signs - suspend access.
TFA-16: Caution signs can let people know what they must notice and obey.

Temporary fence

An integrated temporary fence system needs the help of accessories, consisting of feet, gate & wheel, clamps and bracing.


A strong temporary fence feet which are easy to install, transport and store, are designed to offer the utmost stability. Temporary fence with feet which are mainly made of plastic, low carbon steel or rubber, can work in all types of environments and weather conditions without being overly obstructive or taking up too much space.

A rubber temporary fence foot is applied on a piece of welded portable fence.
TFA-17: Rubber temporary fence feet are wearproof.
A piece of welded portable fence is set on a blue plastic fence foot.
TFA-18: Plastic temporary fence feet are lightweight.
Blue-coated welded temporary fence panels are standing on a yellow metal flat feet.
TFA-19: Temporary metal flat feet are more suitable for welded portable fence.
Chain link portable fence panels are set on an orange round pipe metal fence feet.
TFA-20: Round pipe metal fence feet are more applicable to chain link portable fence.
There are seven plastic temporary fence feet in different colors and different hole styles.
TFA-21: Plastic temporary fence feet can be manufactured in many different dimension upon your request.

Gate & wheel:

Temporary fence gate with 360° durable rubber wheel supplies an entry point so that pedestrians and vehicles can gain access to the site. It can also help you maintain the security of the site when no one is there to monitor security.

There is a red wheel which is applied on the temporary fence.
TFA-22: 360° durable rubber wheel makes it possible for the gate to be easily removed.
A chain of temporary fence panel with gate and wheel are installed on the grassland.
TFA-23: High-quality temporary fence gate can simply fit anywhere within your fencing line.
There are a series of welded portable fence panels which have wheels and gate.
TFA-24: Temporary fence with gate and wheel is more accessible for pedestrians.

Clamp (coupler) & top clip:

Temporary fence clamp which can offer superior stability is essential for connecting temporary fencing panels together. It is recommended that you use clamps at both the top and the bottom of a panel to ensure effectiveness.

There are two clamps in different size.
TFA-25: You can choose clamp according to the size of the temporary fence tube.
Two temporary fence panels are linked by a yellow clamp.
TFA-26: Temporary fence clamp helps to make the temporary fencing stable.
There are silver top clips with two round tubes for temporary fence connection.
TFA-27: Top clips with two round tubes can provide strong connection for temporary fence panels.
There are two blue top clips and each one has both a round tube and a square one.
TFA-28: This kind of top clip is suitable for connecting a round tube temporary fence with a square tube one.

Bracing (stay):

Bracing is very necessary for temporary fence which is erected on slopes, uneven ground, or located in exposed areas susceptible to high winds, to increase strength and keep upright.

There is a red stabilising support bar used to support the temporary fencing.
TFA-29: Stabilising support bar can give strong support to the temporary fencing in high wind.
There are silver bracings working with plastic feet to keep temporary fence upright.
TFA-30: Bracing working with plastic feet can maintain more power for the portable fence.

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